Selected Writings

Here are some of my writings over the years:

White, N.C., Leake, M.J., McCaughey, S.N. and Parris, B.W., (1995) “Epithermal Gold Deposits of the Southwest Pacific“, Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol. 54, No. 2, October, pp. 87-136. [The only evidence that I was ever a geologist!]

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Parris, B.W., (2006) Modelling Economic Development Policy: Econometric, General Equilibrium and Agent-Based Perspectives, PhD Thesis; Monash University, Melbourne, xx + 546 pp. Contents & Summary

Parris, B.W., (2007) “Climate Change and Human Security“, in Building a Sustainable Future Free from Extreme Poverty: Priorities for APEC, Australia, Make Poverty History, 10-23 pp.

Parris, B.W., (2007) “Modelling the Impacts and Effectiveness of Aid“, In Measuring Effectiveness in Humanitarian and Development Aid: Conceptual Frameworks, Principles and Practice ed. Renzaho, A.M.N.; Nova Science, Hauppauge, NY, pp. 71-93.

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Parris, B.W., (2009) “We Will Not Die Quietly“, Global Future, No. 3, pp. 1.

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Unpublished musings & submissions I wrote

Reflections on Australia’s position at the 2002 UN Financing for Development Conference – 8 August 2002. I was on the Australian government delegation at the UN FFD in Mexico representing Australia’s development NGOs.

Emerging from Denial on Climate Change – 4 Sept 2007. Written during the 2007 APEC meetings in Sydney.

World Vision Australia’s Submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review – April 2008

Climate Change Speech – One Just World Series – 30 July 2008    Transcript    Audio

Radio interview – Radio Australia – 22 September 2008

Concerns with Garnaut’s Recommendations on Targets  – 26 September 2008
(Focuses on the 550 ppm recommendation in the Targets and Trajectories paper)

World Vision Australia’s Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy – April 2009

Statement to the Senate Select Committee  – 20 May 2009

Presentation on climate change to the One Just World forum, BMW Edge, Federation Square, July 2008:


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